Sunday, August 09, 2009

Kolkata Blogger's Meet 2009 - Participation, Interaction, Support & Fun

5 hours flew like 5 minutes - could not perceive when it started, how it went and when it was over. Returned home happy, relaxed and proud.

It was supposed to start at 5:00 pm but it did not as some honorable guests were yet to reach. Kamanashish officially announced the beginning of Kolkata Blogger's Meet 2009. Soham, the youngest blogger (going through teenage voice change) present in the show, inaugurated by cutting the cake.

... and then it went on with its own pace. A lot of bloggers participated in the Elevator Pitch event. 1 minute was scheduled for each blogger to describe their blogs, but hardly anybody finished their pitch in 1 minute :)

All the speakers, Abhishek Rungta of Indus Net Technologies, Aji Issac Mathew of SEO for Clients, Arun Agarwal of Ebizindia and Saptarshi Roy Chaudhury of SEO Kolkata were simply superb with their presentations. Vikas Kedia's teleconference was a bit dis-engaging but Aji did a great job to engage people once again.

If you ask me what I enjoyed most in the entire program, Aji's presentation would be my answer. He prepared a stat on the blogging habits of the Kolkatans, such as how frequent are they, how many bloggers monetize their blogs etc. He included some excerpts from various participating blogs in his presentation - this was awesome. You never know if Aji is going to speak about your blog or not, hence you have to listen to his full presentation - what an idea Sirji :).

In the Launch a Product event, FusionCharts team presented FusionCharts Google Gadget. Sanket and Saptarshi did a great job. Their style was unique - apart from the slides, they prepared some banners which were really good.

Mitesh Ashar, a fellow blogger and tweeter, presented his app - twit discuss. Though the app did not work at that time, but the concept was good. It helps you monitor conversations on twitter based on the hashtags.

The award distribution event was really fun-filled. Anirudh (a dear friend and a webreper) got the Best Idea award for suggesting India Internet Summit in Kolkata. The best Elevator Pitcher award went to Rahul Bharadwaj of FOURDY Wlog. Mr. Dev Anand (not the actor) of Bima World got the Best Marketer award.

Indus Net Technologies conducted a survey to test the blogging trends in Kolkata. The result of the survery will be published on their website. Though none of the ball pens supplied by them worked, yet Kolkata Bloggers filled up the survey form and returned back to the Help Desk. Indus Net also presented T-shirts and Tutorial DVD's to all the participants.

Without the support of Indus Net Technologies Kolkata Blogger's Meet 2009 was not possible. I should also mention about Tata Photon - they provided free internet connection during the event to all bloggers with laptops or netbooks.

Amit Kejriwal, Prabhanjan Panigrahi (though he could not make it, he lent his laptop and I used it during the event), Ranjan Upadhaya and Shyama Kant managed all technical stuffs. Anand Kedia was with us through out the event and Debleena handled the twitter account of webreps. Thanks for your support friends.

CCD guys, Naveen and his team, did a GREAT JOB indeed. From space management, sitting arrangement to food - they were good at all. Snacks, cold coffee, veg and non-veg sandwiches and the slices of chocolate cakes - ummm...delicious.

Trust me friends, CCD @ RDB Adlabs, Sector V, Salt Lake is the best hang out zone in Kolkata and a confirmed adda-place of webrepers as well.

All bloggers agreed on sharing the stage once again to have India Internet Summit in Kolkata. And Kolkata Blogger's Meet 2009 ended but left an ever-lasting effect on us.

Sorry guys, I was so busy with other things that could not even took out the digi-cam from my bag. Please visit Yogesh and Anirban online for some snaps.

Some moments captured digitally (courtesy, SEO for Clients).


Anand Kedia said...

You summed up the whole event perfectly and honestly. :)
Congratulations for the great job you guys did!
Next up, India Internet Summit.
Ready, steady, go......

Saikat Sengupta said...

Thanks Anand, I will never forget your support and inspirations. Thanks for being there :)

Anand Kedia said...

:) I am honored to be part of your team.

K Roy said...

ooooooooo what a commentary ... You are coooooool

Saikat Sengupta said...

@roy - you did a great job on the floor...i am proud to that you are my friend :)

Chetan Bharadwaj said...

Great work! When is the 3rd meet?

Saikat Sengupta said...

@chetan keep watching of follow us on twitter @webreps :)

just to let you all know...we are already getting sponsorship offers for the next meet :)

Chetan Bharadwaj said...

hey great! I'm eagerly looking forward to the next meet.
Keep the spirit going.

suman said...

Thanks for the superb description of that event. I have missed out due to some reason. Thanks again..

Saikat Sengupta said...

Thanks Suman, don't get disappointed...will have lots of fun in the upcoming events :)

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