Wednesday, June 20, 2007


I just noticed it today; Yahoo! has added the "Recent Readers" widget of MyBlogLog on some of the article pages. I was just going through Yahoo! categories and surprised to see my smiling face there.

Now Yahoo! is also up to find bloggers' choice! Anyways, good for my blog, it will get some readers however.

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Monday, June 18, 2007

Google Feedburner and My Privacy

Frankly speaking, I am not getting enough time to write. Things are changing rapidly; coping with a new office environment is not so easy especially after spending 2 years in a homely office atmosphere. However, God is kind enough to help me with friendly persons around always!

I wanted to probe the FeedBurner and Google issue since I read it. Initially I got the idea that Google acquired FeedBurner to identify Splogs when I read the WebProNews article. And I think this is not bad at all. Thousands of blogs are created everyday just to publish AdSense or run any Affiliate Programs. People also create Slogs to link back to good sites. Splogs gain high Page Rank rapidly as the sploggers put Feeds of good sites there and the power of content adds to the PR value.

One easy way to point out Splogs could be feed subscription count and, perhaps, that is the reason, Google has acquired FeedBurner.

But what Amit and Todd have described in their blogs is quite fearsome. Amit sees chances for Feed Subscriptions to be put under AdSense/AdWords program in future. And Todd has pointed out chances of getting our extremely personal data disclosed to the world.

"Imagine now, that you will be tracked across the 100’s of thousands of sites using FeedBurner and they will know if your political orientation is Left, Right they will know what your sexual orientation is, they will be able to tell if you like adult sites the list goes on and on."

Now, the question is how Google will be using FeedBurner? If they use it to check Splogs, then it’s ok, otherwise Google must amend their privacy policy!

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