Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Onyo Durga (The Other Durga)

Don't they have all the rights to celebrate?
Image Courtesy: parent24.com, meribaat.wordpress.com

Monday, October 11, 2010

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Pujo Ads - New and Old

Shalimar Pujo TVC 2010

Shalimar - Old Ad

Titan Pujo Ad

Wild Stone

Thums Up

Peter England


Saturday, October 02, 2010

Why I love Blogging

The informal approach is what I love most about the blogs. The best thing about blogs, they just keep going - however, I know that I need to be consistent with writing - more frequent and regular write-ups would make this blog more attractive and will appease my hunger for knowledge...let's see...

Friday, October 01, 2010

Gays are not perverts

And writers are not robots. But most people with typical and century-old SEO orientation believe that a writer can write 4000 words a day. They believe that a writer can come up with striking and impactful 100 articles using same set of keywords.Sick.

They also believe that a writer can write on any topic; otherwise how can they ask to make use of key phrases which are grammatically wrong? Pain.

Such people (read client) just create more online garbage and do not add any value at all. They belong to the 4th group of 4P - lol!

By the way, I am planning to approach Suhel Seth with this issue; will keep you all updated on what he says.

4P - 4 Types of PEOPLE you will meet in Life

Type 1 - They know that they know

Type 2 - They do not know that they know

Type 3 - They know that they do not know

Type 4 - They do not know that they do not know (DANGEROUS)

U.S Tax Regulations and Indian Freelance Content Writers

Freelance content writers from India and other Asian countries are losing ground to U.S. writers just because they are not from U.S. Even when they write good English they cannot get project. Due to the U.S tax regulation many American companies are not working with non U.S freelancers.

For example, an Indian freelancer cannot join Text Broker as the company is strictly following the tax regulation.

Now the question is: who are losing to whom?

Commitment comes from LOVE

People have again started asking me why I am not moving this blog to a custom domain. I refused; I will stick to my plan to stay with blogger.com. I simply LOVE the typical blog-like ambiance that I get with blogger.com. So I will not shift to anywhere!

I understand that a hosted blog is like having own house and a free blog like this one is like staying in a rented apartment! The land lord can mark you as spam, ban your account and do many other things. But still, I will not shift to anywhere!

I understand that with a free blog I cannot do a lot of things; I have no access to the server, I need to depend on blogger.com for a lot of things. But still, I will not shift to anywhere!

It's my LOVE for blogger.com that has made me committed to it :)