Tuesday, July 31, 2007


WebWings has been looking like an orphan; none is there to look after her. Shame on me, how can I neglect her this way?

See, I am not heartless; last few weeks were really hectic. I could not participate in forums, could not read magazines and articles, could not chat with my friends and could not post in my blog as well.

However, we have achieved our target. We have completed the documentation and user-manual of two of our products, which have been launched just few minutes ago officially.

I am in a mood now. Today I will tell you how I realized the value of time once again. On last Friday, July 28; I came to office as usual. But somehow I developed the idea that it was July 29. Suddenly my eyes stuck to the table calendar and I realized the fact. Trust me; I was so happy at that time. I thought God has gifted one more day to me so that I can finish my tasks! Time is so precious!