Sunday, April 07, 2013

Rural Innovation Awards by Sahaj, SREI Venture Initiative

Sahaj e-Village has been working to make information and knowledge reach all corners of the country. To recognize the innovators who are working hard to develop the rural India, Sahaj has come up with Rural Innovation Awards programme.

This is a great opportunity for the entrepreneurs, students, SMEs or anybody working in Technology for Development field. As mentioned on Sahaj's website, a lot of great innovations never won any award, nor did the innovators get any recognition. Invention of wheel, pencil, compass etc. were great achievement - these groundbreaking innovations never won any award. But innovators of today's India can get recognition - Sahaj Rural Innovation Awards is a platform for them.

Winners will get cash prizes. According to me, money is secondary here - the inspiration, visibility such events offer is much more than cash prize. Money matters; but innovators who dream something big and working hard to change the rural India, need immense support from society. And Sahaj's event is all about that.

My best wishes for Sahaj; look forward to know about some great stories of innovation from all across the country!