Friday, April 30, 2010

Google moving towards Artificial Intelligence

This post is about an observation. Searched for mini netbook today and see what Google did. The screenshot says it all:

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Web Security - are you protected on Web?

Identity theft, hacking, phishing, online theft - all such incidents make us nervous! We think that installing an antivirus is all what we need. But is that true? Can an antivirus software give us 100% protection?

What about those who have a website that deals with sensitive customer data? How do you assure your online clients that their information will not get hacked through your end!

Aji Issac, an entrepreneur and a member of WebMasterWorld Forum, will be visiting a top notch Web Security and Penetration Testing Company to ask such questions. If you have web security questions to ask, please comment here, send me email or contact Aji directly.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Volcano Traffic Control - If you were the pilot

I am a nervous kind of person; I get puzzled even while crossing roads. I cannot even imagine flying airplanes in my wildest dream – and NOT during Volcanic eruption!

But what if it is a virtual ride? Hmm, I may like to tie the seat belt, put on the mask and kick start. I am talking about the browser game Volcano Traffic Control by Games2Win :)

Image Courtesy:

While playing the game, I remembered how the Bush Shoe Throw Games spread over the web virally in 2008. Even we got domains like

Image Courtesy:

During IPL we got some cricket games online keeping IPL in mind.

Image Courtesy:

It seems the gaming world revolves around the latest happenings. So, what’s the topic of the next game? Sania Weds Shoaib? LOL.