Friday, April 04, 2008

Web Content Writer – Are you good at copywriting?

Web content writing or web copywriting, whatever you call it, is a prospective career. If you go through 10 Career Guide types of articles for teens, I bet at least 8 of them would feature content writing as a rewarding career option.

Have you ever wondered what should be the qualification of a content writer?

- I again bet, most people would answer that content writers should be a B.A. or M.A. in English.

Why so?

- Because, the content is to be written in English!

Is that the only criterion?

- Ummm, well, not exactly. The person should have an analytical mind and should be a fast learner too!

I think that is the most important skill web copy writers should have! A copywriter in Kolkata may need to write an article about Cantonese and Mandarin translation or, Medical Malpractice laws in the United States of America or, Florida Incorporation or, Texas Hotels, or, Paris tours and travels or anything that you can and cannot think.

So the content writers should have the ability to understand a new topic very fast and to notice the way of writing in that particular field. Furthermore, they should have the interest to research and study the new topic so that the adequate and right information is presented through the content.

Besides, they should have the basic knowledge of how Internet and Search Engines work. (Let me assume keyword analysis would be done by the SEO guys.)

Then comes the ability to communicate in English. The content should be written in plain English. People search internet for information. So the content should be informative. People browse the web pages glancing at bold texts, lists and headings; rarely somebody read entire article. So easy-to-understand and precisely written content is what they prefer.

Long paragraphs and complex sentences damage readability. Writers should be careful about it. Proper use of images and diagrams add to the quality of the web content.

So the web copywriters should be fast learners, should understand the basic technicalities of internet, websites and search engines, should identify human psychology a bit and should be able to communicate properly. Are you suitable for the job? Then click on: Content Writing Jobs in Kolkata. Cheers!

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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Google AdSense with Scrollbar

Have you noticed the scrollbar (Or, should I better call it Up-Down Flip!) with Google Ad Units? It's a nice addition; more ads can be accommodated this way.

I am browsing through the ads whenever I see the scroll bars, it's helpful too! See the ads in the side panel on this blog. Cheers!

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