Saturday, March 31, 2007


I am in a confused state of mind. I really cannot understand the purpose behind it. Why Google did this to me? Why?

Let me explain it a bit more! I was supposed to create an email id, but by mistake I made it Once I noticed this I tried to create another one with saikat.myofficename but Google did not allow me saying this id already exists. Now I am sure that there is no other Saikat in My Office then how come saikat.myofficename already exists because it is only me who can request for such an id?

Frustrated me opened another account using saikatsengupta.myofficename. I have been suffering a lot till that time, all my official emails are sent to saikat.myofficename and I have to find a kind colleague who forwards the email to the other id. Or, some emails are just lost.

Now, suddenly I accessed the account that I created by mistake and I was surprised to see tons of emails that were sent to saikat.myofficename have been dumped there at saikatmyofficename. What a mess. If I had slightest of idea that Google does not (or, cannot) identify "." (dot) then I would not have opened another email account.

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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

How to become a successful content writer: Part I

Working is the best process to learn. You can learn things fast at your work and that is the reason employers put so much stress on work experience. I have learned the a b c’s of content writing once I started handling the content independently. And now I think, I shall share it with all to:
  • Help those who are interested to have a career in this field
  • Improve my knowledge bank as well
Here goes my first tip:

Extend your writing beyond your domain of work. If you are working dedicatedly for one or more niche specific website(s), then you have to develop content to be published on other sites as well. Now, by other sites I mean social networking sites and social bookmark sites like,, etc. You may also like to participate in active forums where people from different sphere come and discuss various things. Now, this participation is a tricky one; beware of being tagged as spammer. I am not saying that you should not promote your site or your product, but you have to do it using correct and useful words. And always try to be relevant!

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Friday, March 16, 2007

Bandh is not the right pill to swallow

Where are those brilliant workers who, while opposing the owner of the shoe manufacturing company, did not stop working, but continued making single piece of shoes instead of pair! It worked magically and their demand was satisfied!

Why didn’t they call a Bandh? Bandh, also known as Strike, Hartaal, was a tool for labors to establish their rights. Labors used to stop working unitedly to reach their voice to the owners of the companies and firms. It was a common practice at that time. But a Bandh in today’s scenario is nothing but a curse, especially when they are backed by political parties.

It brings no benefits for us, but:
  • Youngsters play cricket
  • Office goers get good excuse to manage a leave
Its not that people do not go for work because they support the Bandh, people are afraid of being victimized by Bandh supporters; most people are not aware about the issues for which the Bandh is declared, still political leaders say that the Bandh was a success and people took part spontaneously and whole heartedly.

Bandh supporters try to make the city stop on the scheduled Bandh day! They try to stop trains, flights and road transports as well. Just think, by doing so, they are damaging our image at national and international level! And outer world is developing a misconception about us.

A Bandh can never solve problems, at least not in modern days. Can a political leader cite a single example for a Bandh that has successfully solved a problem in Independent India? Perhaps not! Unfortunately political leaders do not understand this fact and they declare Bandhs to show their power, that’s it. They are least interested to think, how a Bandh ruins economy, our image, our prospect and damages our daily lives. People with emergencies experience horrible things on the Bandh days.

I am not saying the facts for which Bandhs are called are always vague, there may be true reasons indeed, but Bandh is not the solution! On the contrary, social and socio-economic problems can be solved by debates, discussions among experts, involvement of intellectual media.

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It's the time to stand together

Just think if all human beings shout at once, how much noise will it make? Or it will create such a buzz that can be heard from miles away! Why don’t we use such a concept to let our voice heard?

Often we have lots of things to say, we speak it, shout it, but it fails to reach to the desired level. Now bloggers have started getting together to crate such a huge bang that can never be ignored!
30,000 bloggers are needed for the event. They have started to get together. Readers; please follow the link and participate whole heartedly.

The reason I liked this effort is once 30,000 bloggers get united, all of us will get a strong platform to establish our views; and we can raise our voice any time in future on any topic. Email me if more clarification is needed.

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Monday, March 12, 2007

The best Affiliate Program ever possible

In my final year of RIPT, I went to Mumbai on an industrial tour. I was not aware of online marketing stuffs that time. Anyways, we visited one printing press that was located at a remote place. To retain good people the company had arranged everything there by their own. There were good restaurants to enjoy varieties of dishes, good apartments to rent; everything was arranged by the company itself and employees coming from out of the state had no choice but to use it. I realized how good business policy it was! Just offer people what they need and enjoy profit.

The same thing Google has done with their Ad Program. AdWords couple with AdSense look like a really nice package. Through AdWords, Google is providing an opportunity to online marketers to popularize and spread their product and services. On the other hand, Google is offering a cool earning opportunity to bloggers and webmasters by displaying those Ads through AdSense program. Bucks of Peter go to Paul, Google, perhaps, keep a fair share, quite justified!

Friday, March 02, 2007

Content is changing its color

In earlier days, the webmasters used to think that referrals or back links as they call it are most important to do well in web business. But things are changing rapidly. Now content is the main influencing factor to run a website. Here is my submission:
1. Usually, contents.
a. something that is contained: the contents of a box.
b. the subjects or topics covered in a book or document.
c. the chapters or other formal divisions of a book or document: a table of contents.
2. something that is to be expressed through some medium, as speech, writing, or any of various arts: a poetic form adequate to a poetic content.

1. satisfied with what one is or has; not wanting more or anything else.
2. British. agreeing; assenting.

1. satisfy in a limited way.

taken from and Word Web.
In web, CONTENT refers to the material available on the websites in form of information – be it text or graphics or audio visual stuff. So people come to your site to read, to listen to, to watch and to participate. Now, if the content is not satisfactory (that is the reason I posted other meanings of “Content”, notice how the word "satisfaction" is related with content), visitors are going to leave and no back link, no reference can hold them back.

Now, if your site has good and unique content, it will generate thousands of references automatically. That is the latest crush in online marketing field, people call it Link Baiting.

“Create infectious content and relax”, mantra of modern web development! Stay tuned.