Monday, March 12, 2007

The best Affiliate Program ever possible

In my final year of RIPT, I went to Mumbai on an industrial tour. I was not aware of online marketing stuffs that time. Anyways, we visited one printing press that was located at a remote place. To retain good people the company had arranged everything there by their own. There were good restaurants to enjoy varieties of dishes, good apartments to rent; everything was arranged by the company itself and employees coming from out of the state had no choice but to use it. I realized how good business policy it was! Just offer people what they need and enjoy profit.

The same thing Google has done with their Ad Program. AdWords couple with AdSense look like a really nice package. Through AdWords, Google is providing an opportunity to online marketers to popularize and spread their product and services. On the other hand, Google is offering a cool earning opportunity to bloggers and webmasters by displaying those Ads through AdSense program. Bucks of Peter go to Paul, Google, perhaps, keep a fair share, quite justified!

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