Saturday, March 31, 2007


I am in a confused state of mind. I really cannot understand the purpose behind it. Why Google did this to me? Why?

Let me explain it a bit more! I was supposed to create an email id, but by mistake I made it Once I noticed this I tried to create another one with saikat.myofficename but Google did not allow me saying this id already exists. Now I am sure that there is no other Saikat in My Office then how come saikat.myofficename already exists because it is only me who can request for such an id?

Frustrated me opened another account using saikatsengupta.myofficename. I have been suffering a lot till that time, all my official emails are sent to saikat.myofficename and I have to find a kind colleague who forwards the email to the other id. Or, some emails are just lost.

Now, suddenly I accessed the account that I created by mistake and I was surprised to see tons of emails that were sent to saikat.myofficename have been dumped there at saikatmyofficename. What a mess. If I had slightest of idea that Google does not (or, cannot) identify "." (dot) then I would not have opened another email account.

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