Sunday, April 15, 2007

Content disables Google Bomb

Google Bomb is a technique to exploit Google’s search algorithm to make a site/blog appear in the top position for a particular keyword. To judge the relevance or theme of a webpage Google considers the keywords that are used to link to that particular page. Now, if I link to my WebWings with the keyword “Nandigram” from my other blogs and also ask my friends to do the same then whenever someone searches for “Nandigram” in Google, WebWings will come at the top. Obviously the number of such links should be higher.

If I do such things, what will happen? People will come to WebWings looking for “Nandigram” and they find nothing. Now, if I try to cover some “Nandigram” stories then it is no more Google Bomb; I have the right content for the topic.

So Google Bomb may not do lots of harm. However, it can push a good site down for a short while. Your rivals may make some low quality sites and place it at the top of SERP for the keyword you are fighting for. I am sure, these kinds of manipulations are temporary, Google algo will surely get the fake site off. So again, build up good content and be fearless.

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