Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wright vs. Rong - Heights of Typing Error

Rong: Hi Pee, how are you? 
Hi Pete, how are you?

Rong: How to design a full sleeve shit?
Wright: How to design a full sleeve shirt?
(Courtesy: Roy)

Rong: Lick the image displayed at the bottom of the page.
Wright: Link the image displayed at the bottom of the page.

Rong: We will do it to get her.
Wright: We will do it together.
(Courtesy: Anirban Sen)

Rong: Please come for a sex.
Wright: Please come for a sec.
(Courtesy: Anonymous)

Rong: Let's take a small step towards paining kolkata green.
Wright: Let's take a small step towards painting kolkata green.
(Courtesy: _anamus)
... and when _anamus was told about the typo, she wrote "That's a mojor typo."
(Since the typo is not making a funny sense, not including it in the Rong-Wright series.)

By the time I post more Rongs and Wrights, why don't you share your Oops moments?

Friday, March 26, 2010

Kolkata Twestival 2010 and Ong BONG Chong

The Sanskrit mantras delivered by the priests during pujas most of the time sound like Ong BONG Chong; the reason can be either the priest cannot pronounce properly or the understanding level of general people is very low or both (the third option seems most sensible).

We had Greatbong in the Twestival Kolkata 2010 as the chief speaker and he speaks as good as he writes I must say. However, as I had lots of things to do here and there, could not concentrate much on what he was saying. Parts of his Speech that I managed to listen to were like this:

1] Greatbong suggests to have a blog on something you know and like - good point indeed.

2] Greatbong believes that most of the tweeters who have huge followers are successful in some fields - either they are celebrities, politicians, writers or bloggers. Twitter does not bring you fame, but, once you are famous, you can become popular on twitter too - point to be noted, I never thought this way.

3] The topic comes in his mind first, then he writes. Hence, writing a blog post does not take more than 30 minutes for him - justified, he writes on what he knows.

There was a question-answer session with the audience, he must have covered many other good points that I missed :( Let's see if somebody can help with a video.

The Greatbong part of Twestival Kolkata was something that I enjoyed. The presentation by Twitsnaps team was impressive and the speech by SOS Village was good (the paintings of SOS village children deserve a special mention).

Rest of the event was somehow Ong BONG Chong. A lot of people left the venue when the Band was performing. Overheard the comment made by an attendee while leaving the venue when the Band was on stage - "Ei hobe janle ashtam na" (I would not have come had I knew such thing was on schedule). It hurts; the good memories of Kolkata Bloggers Meet 2009 are still fresh in mind!

Got to see some old friends - that was the best thing in this festival. Returned home sleepy; special thanks to Samiran for helping me get back my cell phone charger.

And my apologies to the employees of Natya Bhavan for extending the event so long; they commuute huge distance every day and it becomes difficult for them to return home if a show ends late in night. They requested us to close it latest by 8:15 PM which did not happen.

How to Start a Bangla Band?

Are you one of those who nurture the dream of being associated with a Bangla Band? Here are some easy tips that will help you make your dream comes true:

1. Look for some friends who have ponytail.

2. The lead singer must be able to shout loud so that it seems like screaming badly in pain.

3. It's not essential to know Bangla (Bengali language) properly, but you must know English - that's very important when it comes to start a Bangla Band.

4. All the members must have a passion for torn and dirty-looking jeans.

5. All the members must have a 'don't care' attitude.

And you are done. No matter whether you have a musical sense or not, the above-mentioned aspects make you eligible to start a Bangla Band.

Disclaimer: the intention is not to hurt anybody's sentiment; just wanted to share my own thoughts about the Bangla Band Culture.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Indian Cities Participating in Twestival - Follow them online

Twitter Channel:
Hash tag: #twbang

Twitter Channel:
Hash tag: #chntwestival

Twitter Channel:
Hash tag: #cochintwestival

Twitter Channel:
Hash tag: #DelTwestival

Twitter Channel:
Hash tag: #TwestivalGoa

Twitter Channel:
Hash tag: #twestivalkol

Twitter Channel:
Hash tag: #mumtwestival

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Blogging is Bad? Who says?

Blogging can reveal the writer in you (iff there is one inside)! Who says blogging is bad?

So, ladies and gentlemen: May I Hebb Your Attention Pliss – let me congratulate Greatbong Arnab Roy on the event of his first book release at Kolkata just before Kolkata Twestival!

Twestival Kolkata - March 25, 2010

Twestival (Twitter Festival) is a worldwide event that is celebrated on March 25 every year. This year Kolkata is going to celebrate Twestival for the first time! Other Indian cities such as Bangalore, Mumbai or Delhi have been organizing Twestival for a couple of years now – finally Kolkata is going to join them!

Twestival Kolkata is all about bringing tweeters (twitter members) in Kolkata together with a generous aim to help the under privileged. Here are the details of the event:

Venue: Natya Bhavan, EE – 8, Sector II, Salt Lake, Kolkata - 91. (On the way from Karunamoyee towards Sector V, near Wipro Crossing, between the petrol pump and Jalpaiguri Bhavan)

Date: March 25, 2010 – Thursday

Time: 5:30 PM

Duration: 140 minutes

Chief speaker: Great Bong – an international figure, reputed blogger-turned-writer and Twitterati (we are lucky that he is in India now)

Main Items:
  • Painting Exhibition; Courtesy: SOS Village
  • Cultural Programme; Courtesy: SOS Village
  • Speech by Great Bong (More on him:
  • Slot for the Kolkata tweeters
This is a charity event. The fund raised will be spent for a noble cause. There will be one donation box so that people can contribute and extend a helping hand to those who need it.

On behalf of the and Kolkata Tweetup Team, I request you to spread the words about the event in all possible ways so that more and more people can come to know about this. Also, do drop in at the above mentioned venue on March 25 and be a part of this global event.

More on this from official Twetsival Kolkata website.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Where is Kolkata in Indian Blogosphere?

Bloggers in Bangalore - 1783
Bloggers in Chennai - 1566
Bloggers in Mumbai - 1490
Bloggers in Delhi - 1404
Bloggers in Hyderabad - 821
Bloggers in Kolkata - 506

Image and Data courtesy:

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A friend finds out Celebs on Twitter

Dipanjan, a friend from school days, has just followed me on twitter. Good to see him tweeting; it will be easier for me to get in touch with him.

I am also happy to see the profiles he is following on twitter as of now :D

1. Rhithik Roshan
2. Aparna Sen
3. Saikat Sengupta

@Dipanjan you are really great at finding out celebs on twitter. Good job buddy!

By the way - My IndiRank went UP

The person sitting beside you

...matters a lot. It is true that I love to travel alone. You may think that I want to travel fast and that's why I want to travel alone - NO. When I travel, whether it is coming home from Raniganj or simply commuting to my office, I get a chance to be with myself. If I find a familiar face in the bus, I generally feel bad because I have to talk to them and I have to sacrifice a golden opportunity to spending some quality time with myself.

But that did not happen today. One of my office colleagues was with me when I went to Jadavpur from Airport this evening. And surprisingly I revealed this softspoken and introvert person to be a great speaker! I am glad that he was with me; we discussed a lot of things and shared many ideas.

If the person sitting beside you can add some value to your thoughts, the journey becomes enjoyable. Same holds true for your professional life. The fact can be compared with an SEO company (@Amrita don't curse me for citing this example). A good SEO leader may not be able to deliver quality output if he is not working with a dedicated team. A talented writing team and a passionate marketing team are essential to make the projects successful. The person sitting beside you matters a lot!

Same is true for life. I need good people around me so that life becomes easier. I am really thankful to those who have made my life beautiful. The person sitting beside you matters A LOT!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Oxygen-like Elements

Went to Ronoda’s class (Rono Guhathakurta) today after almost 2 months. Missed a lot of great lessons, still felt good – as if I am back home after a long slot of indisciplined activities. He taught "E ki labonye purno praan" – what a coincidence! Will call Ruchiradi as early as possible and make it to her place this week only – can’t live without the swaras.

And while returning home from Dakshinee, I felt that I should write an article, a blog post or something as early as possible. Otherwise I am losing focus. My work does not involve extensive writing any more, but I cannot live without writing – seems I have to start writing regularly on this blog or on w3guru.

And I re-discovered the two things without which I cannot do: 1) Music and 2) Writing. Don't know why I repeat the mistakes of going away from these two oxygen-like elements of my life!

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

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