Tuesday, January 22, 2008

How to become successful Content Writer: Part III

I have just finished the assignment. I know I could do better if I was allowed to work when I want. I also know how awkward it is to tell I prefer writing in night when the world is calm and quiet!

It was Jan 7 when I got the assignment. The topics were unknown, completely unknown. Though it was pretty cool in the first week of January here in Kolkata, still I started sweating. I did not work on this sort of project before. However, I talked to myself and gave it a start in my own way.

As I prefer scientific and research-oriented subjects, I took interest in the subject. It was about environment and microbes. After spending some time on the resources, I could digest the matter a bit. However, it was taking too much time for me to get started. Hence I did these things:
  • Created a new file in MS Word and saved it
  • Drafted the format, made a list of points which I will be elaborating in the article
  • Calculated what should be the word count for each point
  • Started writing, consulted the resources as required
  • Once I finished the first article, it did not take longer to finish the tenth one
Content Writing Mantra #1: Don’t panic if the topic is new. Remember, you are a researcher and you are here to present the right information to the readers. So do your research, take your time, digest the matter and then start writing.

Content Writing Mantra #2: It’s the first article that takes time. Once you are familiar with the subject, you can write lot, a lot.

Content Writing Mantra #3: Editing and Writing are different. Don’t start editing when you write. Complete the job and then review it to edit the errors.

The thing that I found more challenging is writing multiple titles, descriptions and author’s biographies for all the 10 articles. I suspected it to take a lot of time; hence I pushed Meta writing at the end of my schedule. Soon after I finished the last article, I started writing Meta for all of them.

Content Writing Mantra #4: You are a human being. It may be difficult for you to shift to a whole new job readily. Group similar jobs and schedule them as per your convenience.

Then there was another assignment to complete. But this topic was not scientific and one of the topics I do not like to write about. But, as everything has a history, I got the food for my head!

Today, just few minutes back, I have completed the whole task. It took less than 12 working days to write 15 500words articles. I had to write multiple titles, summaries and biographies for all the articles and did HTML formatting for all of them too. I am feeling relaxed today.

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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Hangman - my latest crush

I found the Hangman game on TheFreeDictionary.com home page. It took just few minutes to understand the game theory! It's simple and interesting too. Hangman gives you a number of blank spaces, a trash, a box to input alphabets and a smiley. You need to put suitable alphabets in the input box. If the alphabet matches with the word in Hangman's mind, it will be accepted and put in the blank space(s), otherwise the alphabet will be sent to the trash.

Hangman won't allow you to enter more than 10 wrong alphabets. If you can complete the word you win :)

And, if you type 10 wrong alphabets and still the word is not complete, you are hanged :(

Visit TheFreeDictionary.com to play the game. This game definitely enriches your vocabulary. TheFreeDictionary.com is extremely useful for word-smiths. With huge information base, it has got answer to all your queries. Make it a habit to search this dictionary when you are looking for right information.

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Endless hunger for knowledge

One thing I can tell you for sure. Freelancing satisfies my hunger for knowledge. Varieties of topics, different domains and challenges keep my energy level up. That’s why I prefer to write on diverse topics – molds, fungi, perfume, HIV/AIDS, translation services, furniture, lifestyle, law, traveling, web design and search engine marketing are the topics I am working on these days and I wish to work on more interesting topics in future.

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Sunday, January 06, 2008

Home Office

This is how my Home Office should look like :)

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

I took my resolutions well in advance

If you haven’t yet understood that I hibernate is all about My New Year’s Resolutions, then let me tell you it is. I would not repeat the same list here again, however, I would like to add a new point here:

I will be promoted (hopefully) to the fifth and final year at Dakshinee, so I need to work hard for the final exam from now. Things I have planned for this:
  • Revise the lessons beginning from the first year
  • Practice the notations taught in the Vocal Training class
  • Go through the book at least 10 times