Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Hangman - my latest crush

I found the Hangman game on TheFreeDictionary.com home page. It took just few minutes to understand the game theory! It's simple and interesting too. Hangman gives you a number of blank spaces, a trash, a box to input alphabets and a smiley. You need to put suitable alphabets in the input box. If the alphabet matches with the word in Hangman's mind, it will be accepted and put in the blank space(s), otherwise the alphabet will be sent to the trash.

Hangman won't allow you to enter more than 10 wrong alphabets. If you can complete the word you win :)

And, if you type 10 wrong alphabets and still the word is not complete, you are hanged :(

Visit TheFreeDictionary.com to play the game. This game definitely enriches your vocabulary. TheFreeDictionary.com is extremely useful for word-smiths. With huge information base, it has got answer to all your queries. Make it a habit to search this dictionary when you are looking for right information.

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anindita said...

Wow, this site is really helpful and interesting.

... I'm still continuing with this 'try-n-hang' lesson :(

Saikat Sengupta said...

Yes Anindita. As I am working on content, TheFreeDictionary.com has helped me a lot and now it's an essential for me! It has plenty of options any writer would love to use. And it's encyclopedia is really good, sometimes I find it even better than wikipedia.

Anyways, thanks for commenting. Hope you enjoyed Tare Zameen Parr and the Nola session :) Next time count me in pls.

100pixel said...

Why dont you put hangman in your blog ?? :))
The code is here:

Saikat Sengupta said...

Thank you 100pixel :) I was looking for the code :) Thank you for the code, I will return this help in terms of 'Mughlai Paratha' :)