Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Two countries located far apart from each other are celebrating festivals today. Some states of north east India are celebrating Jagaddhatri Puja today. Jagaddhatri is the Goddess who is assumed to hold the whole universe; hence she is the mother of this universe. People of Kolkata and Chandannagar participate most in this festival. I would also go for pandal-hopping this evening :)

And Americans are observing Halloween today. Children would be dressing up in fancy clothes, wearing masks, going door to door to collect foods. It’s a colorful festival on the eve of the “All Saints’ Day”.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Why another search engine?

No one has questioned about the searchability of Google. Most relevant and appropriate search result is the cause behind Google’s such a huge fame. Then why ‘SearchMash’? What could be there under the sleeves?

The features I have noticed in SearchMash are:

  • Image search result appears along with web search simultaneously in 2 panels.
  • It fetches result from web page, image and news simultaneously.
  • There is a combo that helps you select your search territory (web page, image etc).
  • The url of result page is user friendly.
  • User can reorder the results by simply dragging them up and down.
I am sure the last option has been implemented to test if people are liking what Google displays. Suppose a web page appears at # 1. Now, if people start to drag it down, search engine would also push it down. Let’s see what more Google does with SearchMash…

Please comment here if you have some other thoughts.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Orkut Chat – the latest crush

According to me Orkut is the latest hit product of Google. They might have launched some other services or products too, but those are topic specific. But Orkut has been able to involve huge number of people in a short time.

People are happy to get this social network. Once Orkut is such a big hit, now Google is introducing Orkut Messenger. What an idea to hold the attraction!!!

How to make people participate

Participation is a brilliant way to make anything popular. Perhaps that is the reason all the producers arrange competitions and contest to introduce their product in market. And manufacturers of electronic goods to the producers of silly soap operas – no one is exception; the reason behind asking people to vote through sms or mail is nothing but tying them with the product.

Another new trend is being noticed in the recent talent search programs. The organizers are asking viewers to vote through sms and phone. General people are becoming judge of the program; obviously it makes them feel honored. And the producer of the program earns good revenue from the telecommunication companies too. No doubt it’s a good idea to involve people as per as marketing stuffs are concerned (I have doubts about the cultural sense of the voters).

Online marketing is the latest crush in the corporate world and Google has crossed all the levels of excellence in the field of online marketing, I must say. I think the urge to offer more and more flexible environment to interact has given Google such a success. They seem to be a follower of the mantra “Change is the only constant in the universe”. Google knows how to present things differently at different time. By offering a wide range of services, not only they are insisting people to participate whole-heartedly but securing a considerable presence on the internet.