Friday, August 31, 2007


is a way of blogging that involves writing small posts (generally 200 characters) with a link back to original article sometimes, exactly like this one. Those who have thought that microblogging means writing on a microscopically small blog are wrong!

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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

My threads in WPW newsletter

I like to see my threads in WPW newsletter. I am deeply involved with WPW community nowadays and I am feeling an attachment with the members. I have always liked participating in forums and WPW is a great place to hang around.

Click the links below, browse the pages and you would find my pen name, saikatblogger, there.
Also read my previous post Beating my own drum

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Friday, August 24, 2007

Google Dance 2007

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Wright or Rong – Google knows

From the conversation I had with WebProWorld members, it seems that KEYWORDS Meta Tag has lost its past glory! Most of the members agreed to the fact that Search Engines are not paying much attention to KEYWORDS Meta Tag and some of the posters commented that they have stopped using Meta Keywords for their websites!

"I am also concerned that every search engine or other search application can index and rank my sites properly. I do not do SEO only for the major search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN and Ask. I try to satisfy all of them! Major and minor."
– by Webnauts

Sounds to be a good advice. Webnauts uses Meta Keywords; if it is not going to help, then it's not going to harm you too!
  • Keyword in URL
  • Keyword in Title
  • Keyword in Meta Description
– these three are most relevant according to today’s SEO workers. Logical enough. These three factors appear in the SERP and Search Engines highlight the keywords if they are found in these three parts of a web page. So better Description and better Title could help you rank higher. If your site URL does not contain your main keyword, don’t worry much. Work a bit on content and try to get some good back links or even internal links with the targeted keywords.

However, I will be using Meta Keywords for all my projects. You never know what Google has for you in its store!

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PR Power

PR's OR Press Releases, have a huge potential which is often higher than the extent you can think of. When I started writing PR, one or two of them were rejected by eminent Press Release Distribution Sites as they did not meet editorial guidelines. At that time, I did not have a clear idea about what is a PR and who are the readers of PR. I simply took up a casual article writing approach.

As you know, I always learn from mistakes, I started reading editorial guidelines thoroughly. Once I got accustomed with the technicalities of Press Release writing, I always had luck getting them passed through the editorial panels.

All of them brought my sites good links and visitors. I only used these PR’s as SEO instrument and it was powerful indeed. However, I must say, I did not understand a quarter of possibilities associated with PR until recent. I had to write Press Releases on the event of releasing a FileMaker based software. I developed the PR, got it validated by the software developers for technical errors and then started submitting it to different PR Distribution sites.

Additionally, I sent copies of them to a lot of tech-journalists and editors. Surprisingly, some of the good online tech magazines covered it. And within one week of our product launch, news about us covered first and second page of SERP for our main keyphrases!

Conclusion: PR is an Online Marketing tool with multiple benefits and long-term advantages if used properly. PR is written for Press people, so apart from submitting it to the distribution sites, it is important to send them to media directly.

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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

View Ads About

I have just noticed it right now in my other blog Web Bulletin. The Ad Units are displaying a text box and asking visitors about the topic of Ad. This is a feature visitors may take interest in and that would help AdSense publishers earn more revenue. Good going Google.

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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Orkut in India

a gesture of honor from Orkut on India's 60 years of Independence...

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SEO Mantra

When Sumantra asked me "Do I need to know basics of SEO so that I can design more search-engine friendly templates?" I kept quiet for some time. I was thinking about Aji’s post – SEO a curse for Content Writers. But, as I think that people involved with Web Development should know basics of SEO, my answer to Sumantra was "Yes".

Here is what I told to him:

Since Search Engines are nothing but artificially intelligent software programs, they cannot sense if a design is good or bad. But, as a Designer you should read the pages from Search Engines’ perspective.

Suppose your site has a good, really good content. Now, while designing the site you place the navigation panel at the left hand side. What will happen now? Search Engines, while crawling the site will read the content of the panel (that may contain product list, site navigation, sponsored ads, AdSense and all) first and then go to the main content. So your main keywords are pushed down if they are not there in the panel.

Now, some SEO checklist makers believe that early appearance of keywords in the page makes positive result. And you are losing it there!

I showed Sumantra some Tools that output how Search Engines read the text of a page. Needless to say that Sumantra was happy with it.

Do you think I should say something more to him? Feel free post your feedback.

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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Let the World know

I received this message from one of my Journalist friend and I thought this is worth covering in my blog.
pls do this...tell every indian to have indian flag as their profile photo on aug 15....try this...lets show our unity itz not silly plz try 2 forward dis 2 every buddy of ur list try 2 imagine every orkuting india wid our ticolour falg let us celebrate our 60 years of independence

Dear Readers, please consider changing your profile picture not only in orkut, but in the other community sites and forum. Let the world know India is celebrating its 60 years of INDEPENDENCE.

Ask all your friends to do the same and spread the words.

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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Unsuccessful Interviews help you learn Parallelism

There was a time when I used to buy newspapers and magazines for Jobs. Then I used to go through the columns of hundreds of ads, highlighted those which match my profile, chalked out a plan to visit the offices and set out for the Interviews.

Needless to say that most of them did not work out otherwise I would not be writing this post. But I never regret or blame my fate for taking me through such a painful span in my life! Trust me; I have learned several things from these Interview sessions. One such thing is Parallelism.

The idea was not new for me, somehow I realized that while creating a list of items, we should maintain same style of addressing, e.g.,
Here we will see how to:
  • Design web page
  • Writing for web
  • Develop content

This is WRONG. It SHOULD be:
Here we will see how to:
  • Design web page
  • Write for web
  • Develop content
    Now, let us know about:
    • Designing web page
    • Writing for web
    • Developing content
    In an Interview, I was given a paragraph and asked to run a Parallelism check. Though the Interview did not work that time but it helped me learn one professional term and investigate it further. That’s the way failure should be considered isn’t it?

    Know more about Parallelism at wikipedia.


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    Tuesday, August 07, 2007

    Where SEO ends

    I am a supporter of SEO, white hat for sure. However, I must admit that SEO has certain limitations. Initially, when a site launches, some SEO campaigns like link development, article submission, directory listing are good. But once your site start receiving steady traffic, you should concentrate on another vital point, i.e., CONVERSION.

    Just think, your site is receiving thousands of visitors, but too few of them are buying your product! With analytics, it’s no more difficult to know the source from where these visitors came and the keywords that took them to your site. I am sure that you will be surprised to see that most of visitors, who left your site immediately after landing, were looking for the main keywords of your site!

    This is the time to start analyzing visitors’ behavior deeply. I am not saying that you should stop doing SEO. No, not at all; but you should testing various things with your site just to see how your visitors react to those changes. Now, go through the images below:

    Yes, Google has also started doing it! I am sure the setting that receives maximum hit will be finalized OR, they may display various messages randomly.

    You can also do similar things with your site. Change the background color, edit the CALL FOR message, place a different button and see if the changes result positively or not. However, all these things should be done in a thoughtful way, perhaps with the help of experts. Go through what Sumantra Roy, CEO, Conversion Multiplier has said at:

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    Saturday, August 04, 2007


    Are you a Software Developer or I.T. Professional? You must have an MBA degree in your pocket!
    All the great scientists become philosopher when they grow older. Now, I am not a scientist, I am a mediocre person with limited knowledge and intelligence; however, I have been feeling a change in my way of thinking lately.

    It started while reading about Business Intelligence in wikipedia few days back. It is a long page with tons of information. As I was dipping into the concept more and more, I felt that everything in this world is meant for business. The whole Software Industry and I.T. sector is spinning around business. Most of the software products are developed targeting the needs of Business Houses.

    Internet is nothing but a virtual market where you buy or sell products or services. You may argue citing instances of social networking sites; you may say that there are people who come online just for chatting. Then just think about the shopping mall or amusement parks nearby. They look like entertaining entities, but factually they are nothing but big MARKET. People may go there with a no-shopping mind, but they are shown lots of products, samples, offerings and many more casually.

    Same thing happens when you log in to Orkut, or go to Yahoo! Messanger. Ads pop-up here and there and you are bound to see them even if you went there not to buy anything.

    I am thinking to learn topics like Business Administration, Business Management etc. If you want to excel as a Software Developer or as an I.T expert, enroll into some Management courses. Still not satisfied? Read and feel the subject Business Intelligence.

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    Friday, August 03, 2007

    I think I forgot

    informing my readers that Web Wings has been a part of iEntry network for last few months. I applied for WebProNews Blog Partnership and after reviewing the blog, they listed it at:
    iEntry Blogger List.

    Initially there was a typing mistake in my name; once I pointed it out they corrected it promptly and sent me an "excuse us" message as well :)

    I really feel proud to see my name on the same page which displays a name like Aaron Walls. Moreover, MyBlogLog report is showing that Web Wings is getting visitors from That’s really exciting!