Friday, August 24, 2007

PR Power

PR's OR Press Releases, have a huge potential which is often higher than the extent you can think of. When I started writing PR, one or two of them were rejected by eminent Press Release Distribution Sites as they did not meet editorial guidelines. At that time, I did not have a clear idea about what is a PR and who are the readers of PR. I simply took up a casual article writing approach.

As you know, I always learn from mistakes, I started reading editorial guidelines thoroughly. Once I got accustomed with the technicalities of Press Release writing, I always had luck getting them passed through the editorial panels.

All of them brought my sites good links and visitors. I only used these PR’s as SEO instrument and it was powerful indeed. However, I must say, I did not understand a quarter of possibilities associated with PR until recent. I had to write Press Releases on the event of releasing a FileMaker based software. I developed the PR, got it validated by the software developers for technical errors and then started submitting it to different PR Distribution sites.

Additionally, I sent copies of them to a lot of tech-journalists and editors. Surprisingly, some of the good online tech magazines covered it. And within one week of our product launch, news about us covered first and second page of SERP for our main keyphrases!

Conclusion: PR is an Online Marketing tool with multiple benefits and long-term advantages if used properly. PR is written for Press people, so apart from submitting it to the distribution sites, it is important to send them to media directly.

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