Saturday, August 04, 2007


Are you a Software Developer or I.T. Professional? You must have an MBA degree in your pocket!
All the great scientists become philosopher when they grow older. Now, I am not a scientist, I am a mediocre person with limited knowledge and intelligence; however, I have been feeling a change in my way of thinking lately.

It started while reading about Business Intelligence in wikipedia few days back. It is a long page with tons of information. As I was dipping into the concept more and more, I felt that everything in this world is meant for business. The whole Software Industry and I.T. sector is spinning around business. Most of the software products are developed targeting the needs of Business Houses.

Internet is nothing but a virtual market where you buy or sell products or services. You may argue citing instances of social networking sites; you may say that there are people who come online just for chatting. Then just think about the shopping mall or amusement parks nearby. They look like entertaining entities, but factually they are nothing but big MARKET. People may go there with a no-shopping mind, but they are shown lots of products, samples, offerings and many more casually.

Same thing happens when you log in to Orkut, or go to Yahoo! Messanger. Ads pop-up here and there and you are bound to see them even if you went there not to buy anything.

I am thinking to learn topics like Business Administration, Business Management etc. If you want to excel as a Software Developer or as an I.T expert, enroll into some Management courses. Still not satisfied? Read and feel the subject Business Intelligence.

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