Thursday, June 18, 2009

Maa taught me another lesson

I was busy with documentation (as usual) and suddenly my mobile phone started to vibrate (yes I keep my cell on vibration when I am in office). Call from "Sweet Home" - received the call to learn that Mom had fallen on the courtyard and it might be a case of fracture. Oophh Maa, tomake niye arr pari na!

Maa - she is different. Her name is 'Surma' (indigenous cosmetic used as eye-liner); I can only remember another person with the same name - the famous Surma Bhopali of Sholay :D

She does not walk, she only runs. She manages all household chores with almost no help from us - we hardly get time to assist her (but we want to, honestly). All of us are sweating heavily to manage the work that she does alone everyday. Maa, tomar ki 10 ta haat?

It's needless to mention that I became restless after learning about her accident. However, I tried to keep my cool but it was actually "Hard to Keep My Cool". I planned my steps quickly; as I was not sure whether or not I would be able to come office next day, I decided to complete the documentation and other pending works ASAP.

However, I still gave Deb (a dear friend) a brief about the job so that he can finish the job in my absence. I did not take any break and concentrated deeply. And I finished all the work by 5:30 pm. Now, I need to revise the doc before sending it over to the client; but I am relieved.

Lesson learned: It's all about how you think - panicking is not going to help you any way; think rationally and sketch your plan of action accordingly. Believe in yourself - can do it.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

SEO Jobs in India and Aborad - The Basic Difference

In India: Employers look for SEO specialists with the knowledge of Link Building.

Abroad (USA, UK): Employers look for SEO specialists with programming knowledge to modify web pages, implement tags.

This is my observation after reviewing some seo job vacancies in India and Abroad. Don't file a lawsuit if you disagree.