Sunday, January 30, 2011

down with fear

it started suddenly; as the sun set and darkness began to come down from sky, i started feeling lonely, depressed, scared and helpless. there was nobody around, it was painful and so scary. it seemed as if i am losing somebody whom i love, something that i want, as if i am leaving a city with lots of work undone...

then went for a walk with a friend, took a puff and few more, and then the sudden rain....feeling much better now :)

my friend told me that such depressions are the best time to do something creative...such as painting, writing, or anything else...and i started writing again....this time i am writing for myself and only for myself :)

Thursday, January 06, 2011

Happy New Year to Mee!

Today is the New Year Day for me. On 1st January I could not feel the pulse of the new year...I was in office for the entire day and worked around 8 hours with a friend.

But now I can feel, somehow, that tomorrow’s sun is going to bring in some changes in me. I will not do many things, a lot of things, from tomorrow…something that I really do not want to do or I should not do.

And I am determined; will not repeat the mistakes again. Let me do justice with myself in the year ahead. Happy New Year!