Saturday, October 28, 2006

Why another search engine?

No one has questioned about the searchability of Google. Most relevant and appropriate search result is the cause behind Google’s such a huge fame. Then why ‘SearchMash’? What could be there under the sleeves?

The features I have noticed in SearchMash are:

  • Image search result appears along with web search simultaneously in 2 panels.
  • It fetches result from web page, image and news simultaneously.
  • There is a combo that helps you select your search territory (web page, image etc).
  • The url of result page is user friendly.
  • User can reorder the results by simply dragging them up and down.
I am sure the last option has been implemented to test if people are liking what Google displays. Suppose a web page appears at # 1. Now, if people start to drag it down, search engine would also push it down. Let’s see what more Google does with SearchMash…

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