Saturday, December 22, 2007

I hibernate

Enough of running here and there; enough of future planning - now is the time to be calm and quiet and get energized for a busier life. These are the goals for next few months; perhaps next 1 year.
  • Work for Kolkata Bloggers Meet - will write more about this later.

  • Read varieties of books – get acquainted with different writing styles.

  • Write on varieties of topics – apply different styles of writing.

  • Blog vigorously – its important to boost my network, however, I doubt if I will get enough time to blog or not. Sagar (my duplicate) has started capturing the PC of late and he is not at all sparing me. Seems I need a laptop now.

  • Don't think about a new job – job searching is hectic and it consumes lots of time, money and energy.

  • Attend a course – a professional course on mass communication/journalism/technical writing/instructional designing - but only after March 2008.
My readers: please wish me luck so that I can stick to my plans.

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