Sunday, March 14, 2010

Oxygen-like Elements

Went to Ronoda’s class (Rono Guhathakurta) today after almost 2 months. Missed a lot of great lessons, still felt good – as if I am back home after a long slot of indisciplined activities. He taught "E ki labonye purno praan" – what a coincidence! Will call Ruchiradi as early as possible and make it to her place this week only – can’t live without the swaras.

And while returning home from Dakshinee, I felt that I should write an article, a blog post or something as early as possible. Otherwise I am losing focus. My work does not involve extensive writing any more, but I cannot live without writing – seems I have to start writing regularly on this blog or on w3guru.

And I re-discovered the two things without which I cannot do: 1) Music and 2) Writing. Don't know why I repeat the mistakes of going away from these two oxygen-like elements of my life!


Ani said...

good job saikat da :)

Saikat Sengupta said... know people like you are so important to me, if music and writing are my oxygen, friends like you are like water :D