Friday, March 26, 2010

How to Start a Bangla Band?

Are you one of those who nurture the dream of being associated with a Bangla Band? Here are some easy tips that will help you make your dream comes true:

1. Look for some friends who have ponytail.

2. The lead singer must be able to shout loud so that it seems like screaming badly in pain.

3. It's not essential to know Bangla (Bengali language) properly, but you must know English - that's very important when it comes to start a Bangla Band.

4. All the members must have a passion for torn and dirty-looking jeans.

5. All the members must have a 'don't care' attitude.

And you are done. No matter whether you have a musical sense or not, the above-mentioned aspects make you eligible to start a Bangla Band.

Disclaimer: the intention is not to hurt anybody's sentiment; just wanted to share my own thoughts about the Bangla Band Culture.


moon said...

would like to add one more point need not be able to play the guitar (shaking head and legs will do) but should own one ...preferably Spanish :-)

Saikat Sengupta said...

that's a fantastic point indeed :)