Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The person sitting beside you

...matters a lot. It is true that I love to travel alone. You may think that I want to travel fast and that's why I want to travel alone - NO. When I travel, whether it is coming home from Raniganj or simply commuting to my office, I get a chance to be with myself. If I find a familiar face in the bus, I generally feel bad because I have to talk to them and I have to sacrifice a golden opportunity to spending some quality time with myself.

But that did not happen today. One of my office colleagues was with me when I went to Jadavpur from Airport this evening. And surprisingly I revealed this softspoken and introvert person to be a great speaker! I am glad that he was with me; we discussed a lot of things and shared many ideas.

If the person sitting beside you can add some value to your thoughts, the journey becomes enjoyable. Same holds true for your professional life. The fact can be compared with an SEO company (@Amrita don't curse me for citing this example). A good SEO leader may not be able to deliver quality output if he is not working with a dedicated team. A talented writing team and a passionate marketing team are essential to make the projects successful. The person sitting beside you matters a lot!

Same is true for life. I need good people around me so that life becomes easier. I am really thankful to those who have made my life beautiful. The person sitting beside you matters A LOT!

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