Wednesday, March 21, 2007

How to become a successful content writer: Part I

Working is the best process to learn. You can learn things fast at your work and that is the reason employers put so much stress on work experience. I have learned the a b c’s of content writing once I started handling the content independently. And now I think, I shall share it with all to:
  • Help those who are interested to have a career in this field
  • Improve my knowledge bank as well
Here goes my first tip:

Extend your writing beyond your domain of work. If you are working dedicatedly for one or more niche specific website(s), then you have to develop content to be published on other sites as well. Now, by other sites I mean social networking sites and social bookmark sites like,, etc. You may also like to participate in active forums where people from different sphere come and discuss various things. Now, this participation is a tricky one; beware of being tagged as spammer. I am not saying that you should not promote your site or your product, but you have to do it using correct and useful words. And always try to be relevant!

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Poetiq Expression said...

That was very informative. A lot of people don't realize how important content is. It keeps those readers coming back for MORE and MORE!!!!

Saikat Sengupta said...

You are right, content retains visitors, sells the product or service you are offering and pulls older visitors back to your site. But you have to provide good content and it needs hard work. Few people realize this...

SMaich said...

Awesome tips. Waiting for Second Part..

Ashwin Satyanarayana said...

Content is indeed King. The best way to do it is perhaps write by ourselves so as to go the bootstrapping way and ensure the highest quality. Nice to see your "beautiful" mind working away.