Friday, March 16, 2007

It's the time to stand together

Just think if all human beings shout at once, how much noise will it make? Or it will create such a buzz that can be heard from miles away! Why don’t we use such a concept to let our voice heard?

Often we have lots of things to say, we speak it, shout it, but it fails to reach to the desired level. Now bloggers have started getting together to crate such a huge bang that can never be ignored!
30,000 bloggers are needed for the event. They have started to get together. Readers; please follow the link and participate whole heartedly.

The reason I liked this effort is once 30,000 bloggers get united, all of us will get a strong platform to establish our views; and we can raise our voice any time in future on any topic. Email me if more clarification is needed.

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