Friday, April 23, 2010

Volcano Traffic Control - If you were the pilot

I am a nervous kind of person; I get puzzled even while crossing roads. I cannot even imagine flying airplanes in my wildest dream – and NOT during Volcanic eruption!

But what if it is a virtual ride? Hmm, I may like to tie the seat belt, put on the mask and kick start. I am talking about the browser game Volcano Traffic Control by Games2Win :)

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While playing the game, I remembered how the Bush Shoe Throw Games spread over the web virally in 2008. Even we got domains like

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During IPL we got some cricket games online keeping IPL in mind.

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It seems the gaming world revolves around the latest happenings. So, what’s the topic of the next game? Sania Weds Shoaib? LOL.

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