Friday, March 14, 2008

It’s all about the right word

Internet stores and retrieves information in Text format. All the Search Engines are Text-based. Even Image or Video Searching processes rely on text used in the title of the image or video file.

Thus when you decide to sell a product on the internet, it is really important to identify the word or phrase used by most searchers who intend to buy the product. Unless you associate the most-used textual phrase with your product selling page, you cannot reach to prospective buyers.

Remember Google Image Labeler? To enhance Google Image Search, perhaps, Google introduced the Image Labeler. It is a funny game. Two players are given one photograph. The players can be anywhere on the earth (obviously with at least a PC and Internet connection)! Both of them are asked to tag labels to the image. As soon as one of your labels matches with one of your partner’s you get some points and pass to the next image.

At the end of the game you can see the words that came in your partners mind when you were shown a sports car. But what you cannot see is the phrase used by most players to identify the sports car. If you are selling sports car online, you could surely be benefited from it!

Now the gap has been bridged by Vertical Leap, the UK based Search Engine Marketing Company. They have introduced SEO Keyword Quiz which displays an image and asks you to enter the phrase that you will use to search for the thing.

Once you submit your words it displays a list of keywords used by visitors to identify the same product.

That definitely helps you decide which keyword best describe the product.

However, here also you need to depend on the Quizmaster; the site does not help you select the picture of your business item. You cannot be sure whether the SEO Keyword Quiz would ever show photograph of terracotta product that you sell online. Hence if your product is not listed in their database, you need to select your keywords by your own. Anyways, with so many exciting tools Vertical Leap would surely come up to enhance the application and more functionality to it.

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