Thursday, May 22, 2008

Ghostwriting – another form of copy writing

Do you love your writings? Money OR your voice – which one is more important for you? I am sure a lot of writers would answer that they want money in turn of getting their voice reached to the mass or to the target audience.

But that may not be possible all the time. In ghostwriting – you do the research, you write, you pour your own voice into the content, but the matter is published in someone else's name – sometimes a fictitious name.

Especially when a writer is asked to write SEO web content, the matter generally is not published in his own name, unless the person is an icon of that niche.

How does it feel to see someone else's name below the article written by you? Well, it does not feel good, specifically when you took a lot of interest in the topic.

Even I did not like ghostwriting initially and I tried to associate my own name with my articles in several ways; arguing with my boss is one such way I tried.

However, I had invented a trick that I would share with you all here. This helps you somehow get recognized by your readers. This trick comes very useful when you are writing SEO web content like articles for submission purpose, blogs for third parties etc.

Choose a pen name for yourself; it should be a fictitious name. Now use this pen name for all the articles written by you. Most of the article directories accept author's name. Make sure your pen name is added with all your articles.

So all your articles are now recognized as written by the same author. Now, make a small declaration that it’s none else but you who use the pen name! This helps you claim your own articles in future and you can show them to your future employers too.

NOW, let me tell you the pen name I use. It's none other than Stanley Gallor :D You can find a lot of articles written by me on the web :D

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