Thursday, September 25, 2008

Orientation Crisis

Web Wings has completed 2 years on September 1, 2008. When I look back to the days that I have left behind, I feel emotional. My surrounding has changed completely; new faces around, new goals to meet.

Since then I was thinking of presenting Web Wings with a gift – something special, something unique! How can I excuse myself for not writing a single post on it’s birthday! So I wanted to come up with a gift that compensates the grief my Web Wings had to gone through. And then the idea came to my mind. I decided to make it my personal blog.

When I created this blog, I was not sure about its niche. As I am closely associated with Web, SEO, Content Writing – those topics naturally became the main content of this blog. And I also started thinking that Web Wings is all about Web, SEO, Web Copywriting, Online Marketing and all such stuff.

It is true that my profession would always be reflected in my personal blog, but it should, at the same time, cover a lot more, right?

So I am freeing it today – I am taking back the old title of the blog – it won’t be "Web Wings: A Blog on SEO, Web Content Writing, Web 2.0" any more. It will be Web Wings, just Web Wings from now on. Let's fly over the web and look at the real and virtual world with a bird’s eye. Cheers!

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