Monday, May 11, 2009

Mercury remains high

Highest temperature stat:

1958 – 43.7 degree C
2002 – 43.0 degree C
2009 – 42.1 degree C

Kolkata, with entire South Bengal, is passing through a terrific time. Heat wave of Central India reached South Bengal this year. Initially humidity was low. Citizens of Kolkata are habituated with humid weather; dry summer makes them sick.

Now, the heat flow continues and humidity level also goes up – what a painful situation. Met office recorded 42.1 degree C temperature on May 9, 2009. Humidity was 87 percent on that day.

However, today’s storm followed by a sufficient splash made the situation better.

But, this is the time to think again – “are we on the right track”? Such abnormal hot summer can be an indication of global warming. Beware before it’s too late. I have started saving water and energy as much as I can – WHAT ARE YOU DOING?

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