Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Other Side of SEO India

My previous post on SEO Jobs in India was an outcome of an observation. I had been watching SEO vacancies abroad for quite some days and I posted my observations only. Fact.

It’s a micro-post that hardly makes up to 50 words. When I wrote this, I did not realize it would fetch me so much traffic! Webwings is appearing on 3rd page for the keyword "seo jobs in India" in Google. Bliss.

The post has received some comments and all are spam. I was annoyed, I was angry. But I decided to take a different approach. I kept those spam comments and started putting my own words below them with the hope that spammer would come back someday and feel guilty; however, I do not expect anything from the bots. Lol.

However, the thing that pains me more is the face of Indian SEO – chances are high that those spammers found my blog through searching. If they are searched for ‘SEO Jobs India’ OR ‘SEO India’ chances are high that they are a part of this industry! And what they did? They spammed. Shocked.

I know there are a lot of good people in this industry. Still few bad apples are damaging the goodwill. When we are planning for Kolkata Bloggers’ Meet to take the industry from next tier these people are continuing to spread spam comments. Poor.

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