Thursday, September 14, 2006

Credit Card Freak

"Hey what’s your hobby?" – quite a common question....and the answers may range from collecting stamp, reading book to making friends. Has anyone ever heard of the hobby of buying credit cards?

In my office, there is a person addicted to credit cards. His cell phone remains busy all the day with the calls from Credit Card Companies. He meets dozen of reps everyday. He already has managed cards from some reputed creditors and banks. He maintains a documentation of all his cards in a separate file. (I cannot remember the info of a single debit card, then just think of him....huh)

His adventure does not end here. He has started helping others to get credit card too. With his help, many people have been successful to get a card, which seemed difficult otherwise.

Now we are waiting for the day when his name gets recorded in the Guinness Book World Records as a Credit Card Giant. All the best to him ;)

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AnandAmPm said...

Cool post!! and a correct one. :)