Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Google Print Ads

The reason I always supported running offline marketing campaign even for businesses that operate solely on Internet is proved now! (Even I suggested Content Writers to write for Alternate Media) Google has started Newspaper advertising made easy under the AdWords program.

While explaining the program, they have mentioned the Power of Newspaper as well. NAA 2006 Reader Engagement Study – Conducted by Scarborough Research says that:
  • 84% shoppers visited a retail store after going through newspaper ad
  • 60% visited a website to know more about a product or service promoted in a newspaper ad.
  • 50% said they purchased something online after seeing a newspaper ad
Google itself publishes Ads under Jobs for the positions vacant at the regional offices. Even I heard that Google goes for Banner Ads at some places. Even Yahoo! advertises about their service through Banner Ads.

Lots of websites promote their product through Television Ads also, I am sure Google will never let this media escape from its reach.

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