Saturday, September 08, 2007

Orkut becomes more communicative and participatory

Like Google, Orkut has updated itself a lot. With all the new features Orkut is now a great place to hang around. It has been translated in 5 regional languages of India, hence more Indians are likely to use Orkut.

Just few days back, when I needed to communicate with one of my acquaintances; I did not call him, nor did I send him email, I left scrap! Obviously, if I needed to say something personal, I would have dropped an email, however, Orkut is more personal and more friendly now. All the best to you Orkut.

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Arindam Sen said...


I have often come across some selfish commuters at the blogging world who would always mind commenting at others' blogs. I have a friend with the same name as yours who'd never put a comment over here

Saikat Sengupta said...

Poor fellow...I understand your struggle...are you sure you friend has not commented on the "Friends" page where you put his photograph?

pinaki said...

Thank you saikat.I will definitley inform you all in when i strat my 2nd innigs after following on :)

Anonymous said...

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