Thursday, September 13, 2007

Few hours with EMC at Hyatt

EMC Corporation conducted a seminar at Hyatt today. As we had got an invitation for the same; me and Sudipto took a day off from office and attended it. I reached Hyatt before Sudipto and it was raining at 9:50 am in Kolkata. As he expected to be late, he called me to tell ‘go ahead’.

The girl at the Registration Desk was very nice. She gave me a small kit with notepad, pen, some EMC brochures and some forms to fill up. The forms had lot of technical questions in it so I decided to wait for Sudipto as he knows our organization better.

Sudipto rushed to Hyatt Ballroom not more than 5 minutes later than I did. We started filling out the forms; but then someone told us to enter the room as the Welcome Note was about to start.

Mr. O. Rajesh presented the greeting messages. Some topics covered in the seminar are Storing More Intelligently, Backup Recovery and Archival, Compliance etc. I was looking for the Content Management session; however, the concerned person was not there so the session was dropped. We had a good lunch at Hyatt with lots of items that I could not even touch.

I learned a lot of thing today; though our company is not at the position to implement such Storage, Backup or Recovery system; but we may need such infrastructure in future. Moreover, EMC supplied lots of thing to think over. I really enjoyed the session conducted by Smartha Guha Thakurta; he is a brilliant guy and good speaker too. Thanks EMC for such an informative seminar.

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