Monday, October 15, 2007

E-Man to save Earth from Global Warming

Before it is too late, we need to be careful. The surface temperature is already up by a few degrees. Glaciers have started to melt. Unnatural amount of rainfall, devastating hurricanes are indicating that we have very short time in our hand. The only creature that can save OUR EARTH is E-Man!

Every year, lots and lots of TREES are killed for the sake of paper industry. And the process is accelerated during the festivals for the Greetings card industry. This is the time to get conscious. Paper is like a column of civilization. Eliminating the usage of papers seems impossible. However, we can stop wastage of paper from now on. And in the professional world, we can become paperless.

With latest technologies and developments, Paperless Office is no more difficult to set up. With applications like Google Apps, Microsoft Office, Emails, Messengers, BLOGS and many more to name, we can easily cut our Paper Usage Rate. And during the Festivals and on any other occasions we can send E-cards to our friends instead of a Greeting Card made of Paper.

There could be thousand other ways to protect Trees. This is just a thing that came in my mind on the occasion of Blog Action Day. I know that Paper Pulp is renewable material. Then why not from today onwards, we stop killing Trees for paper and start rotating the existing Paper pulp only. If there is any deficit, we have to compensate it from the solutions that I have mentioned above. No He-Man will fall from the sky to save us; it’s our responsibility to preserve our natural resources. So let’s be an E-Man and delay the process of Global Warming.

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anindita said...

Thanks a lot for such a precious message.
Look into my blog too... just tried to start this Journey with a tiny little step.