Friday, February 29, 2008

How to become successful Content Writer: Part V

  1. You need to UNDERSTAND the subject you will be writing on.
  2. Everybody has their OWN WAY of understanding.
Most people know the first phrase, but the second one is what I have learned while working. When I begin working on different web copy writing projects, like anyone else, I wanted to complete it fast. So what I used to do?
  1. Gather information as much as I can
  2. Read them fast
  3. Start writing within 1 hour
The problem that I faced with this process:
  1. I needed to consult the original copy several times
  2. It took much time to complete writing the content
  3. I got panicky
  4. And it took even longer time to finish
I thought that it’s my failure that I could not write fast and I should write faster and all good content writers complete their articles faster than me and alike.

But the thing that amazed me was the speed that I used to pick up at the latter span of the writing. For example, when I was asked to write 10 articles of ‘Breastfeeding and Nursing’, first 4 articles took 3 days, whereas, I completed 6 articles in a single day working 8 hours only.

Of late, I started realizing that once I could grab the subject, the speed would increase automatically. I also realized that I can digest the subject after at least one sleep, I need to go to bed with the topic in my mind – that helps me understand it very well.

Now, I follow these techniques whenever I get a new assignment. I know I need some time to get a hold on the subject. So I spend time searching resources on the web, reading websites and blogs, newspapers etc. Then I start writing slowly. If it takes 50% of time to read and understand, I do not panic. I know I can finish it up in the slog over!

The reason I shared my own experience with you is I wanted to tell you that follow the way you are comfortable with. Understand your way of thinking; that will really help you in your work.

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