Friday, February 22, 2008

How to become successful Content Writer: Part IV

"Know your target audience" – the phrase has become an adage now. I do not want to repeat the same words here again, but I have to as this is really important when it comes to web copy writing or web content writing – whatever you call it.

You need to see the world from your readers’ eyes. That’s very important in web content writing. You need to present the content in such a way that your readers find it useful and the Search Engines index it properly.

What else you need to do?
Simple! You need to ask yourself what is going to be done with the article or teaser or abstract you are writing? Once you know where on the web the content is going to be placed, your job becomes easier.

For example, if you are writing an article that will be published in one of the good article directories, you should adhere to the editorial guidelines provided by the article directory.

Good article directories are very strict with their rules. Contents that conform to all the editorial principles are published only. So apart from keeping your readers in mind, you need to consider the rules of the article directory and the general protocols of web copy writing.

That’s why I always say that web content writing is different from any other form of writing.

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