Thursday, July 31, 2008

I need a new mobile handset with Internet connectivity

I decided not to buy an advanced (read expensive) mobile handset. I thought I could manage with my simple Nokia 6600i. But I was wrong. I need a handset that would help me stay connected with my e-friends and would help me post in my blog when I travel :)

Since we shifted to the new office building, I am starting for office around 8:45 o'clock in the morning these days and not returning home before 9:30 p.m. When I get back I feel to go to bed right on. And the result is quite readable...just visit my blog archive. Even I feel bad to see so few posts in last couple of months.

So I need a mobile...I would be writing small posts when I sit idle and watch outside the bus lazily when I commute. I need a mobile handset with strong internet connectivity...can you suggest one?


nobby said...

If you are looking a phone to blog with then, probably you need to choose communicator Nokia 9210i. 9210i is very handy and the keyboard on it is really cooll that won't let you waste single second while typing. I am also planning to buy it. Probably your office has shifted to sector five.

Saikat Sengupta said...

thanks buddy!!! any feedback about iphone? our office has shifted near ruby/e.m. bypass.