Sunday, August 31, 2008

SEO in India is being disrespected

Indians are Spammers: Really!

A lot of people BELIEVE that Indians are spammers!

Kamanashish wrote the topic on seomoz blog and the debate started. I got surprised to learn that a lot of people really believe that Indians are spammers when it comes to SEO.

I am sure, Kamanashish tried to alert people about cheap services. He also tried to conscious the good people of Indian SEO industry. When I go out to market to buy some golden jewelry and somebody offers me say Rs.100/gm, I do not buy it. I am an informed consumer.

Then how could someone expect Oscar Wilde standard when somebody agrees to write 500 words article for just $2.

However, most buyers believe that it is not right to blame the buyer, but we Indians should set up some standards internally. Now, spammers are everywhere – not only in India. Is a rule-book enough to stop them doing wrongs?

But, there should be a checking system. A trusted institution OR an authority site should be there through which such transactions should be done. Difficult to implement, but we need it. Otherwise SEO in India will never get the value it deserves.

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