Wednesday, July 13, 2011

No Examination till Class VIII in Bengal - Justified?

Species facing the danger of extinction in West Bengal – Intellectual and Educated Bengalis.

  • No Examination till Class VIII
  • Compulsory Spoken English Test of 50 marks from Class I
    (Not sure when there is no pass-fail concept, what is the point in introducing a compulsory test)

Source: MSN

My Questions: 

  • Are we going to get more street smart idiots?
  • Are we going to get more unemployed educated persons?
  • Is it a way to increase literacy in the state and to show off 'We have so many Class VIII passed people'?

Students of West Bengal who used to study in Bengalee Medium Govt. schools used to enjoy one advantage – the syllabus, the robust in detailed courseware. When other boards introduced short-question oriented examination styles and books, student of West Bengal board had to go through robust books that helped them gain in-depth knowledge of the subjects.

And that is a reason being not-so-good in spoken English (which is not true always) they are still doing well in different spheres of life. Of course spoken English course would help them do better in life. But no examination to reduce the burden from students? Doesn’t it sound funny? These students will be able to speak in English, but will not have the desired knowledge. What a society waiting for us!

For the sake of debate: Rabindranath Tagore did not go to school! Now, Rabindranath Tagore – it might not be right to think that millions of Bengali students would have that level of talent.

Examination brings in a kind of discipline in student life; there are many other ways of reducing burdens from those little shoulders – such as: introducing interactive classes, more project work, practical classes from primary section. I am sure educationalists can recommend many other ways so that children are not afraid of exam.

Not sure, if this is going to be another historical blunder where people of West Bengal are the guinea pigs.

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