Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Scottish Church Collegiate School suffocates the city to celebrate their Foundation Day

It may be a big day for them, but not for thousands of people in Kolkata. Without hurting anyone’s sentiment I strongly oppose the way Scottish Church Collegiate School celebrated their foundation day today.

There was a big rally escorted by Kolkata Police. I met the rally near Manicktala crossing – traffic became standstill and all the office-goers and others were FORCED to watch the school students walking with blue balloons in their hands.

Organizing such a rally in the middle of the week and during office hours is an IRRESPONSIBLE act on their part – my personal view. Since Kolkata Police escorted the rally, it seems they took police permission; I wonder why Kolkata Police gave them permission to arrange such a thing on Wednesday Morning around 9 AM?

A Case Study

Think about the Fashion Designer who reached office late today; tomorrow there might be a Taxi and Bus strike in West Bengal – hence, she might have to sacrifice a day’s salary at the end of the month? Who will take the responsibility? Kolkata Police or the School Authority?

Most Important Part:

Why I said ‘It may be a big day for them’? The students walking in the rally were looking very reluctant. Few were fighting with each other and rests of the students were playing with balloons. Junior students looked sincere comparatively.

Rallies on special days – August 15 or 25she Boishakh are still acceptable because people mentally prepare themselves for these things and get out of home with enough time in hand in case they have an emergency. But the kind of celebration Scottish Church Collegiate School did today is just UNACCEPTABLE.

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