Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Content is the King

Ask this question to yourself: “Why would people come to my website?” Obviously they will come to your page looking for some information. Whether your product is tangible or intangible, visitors would like to read something first. And the words should have that power to convince people. Hence developing good and reliable content is the key of building a good website.

Have you noticed that I used two adjectives for web-content? Good and Reliable: what do I actually mean by that? I interpret it this way:

Good Content: easy to understand, written in simple language, grammatically correct, an easy flow through out the article.

Reliable Content: it must speak the truth and offer the right information.

So far I have been politically correct! Believe me or not, to attain publicity, you have to write something controversial sometimes. And forums and blogs are the best platform for this. You can have a better participation in environments like forums and blogs. That is the reason most websites have a blogging environment and forums as well.

Also read my previous post: Difference between Writing and Content Writing. You can find some good tips on content development there.

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