Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Difference between Writing and Content Writing

Writing for web is something different from conventional commercial writings. When a professional writes for consumers she concentrates on consumer psychology and uses catchy headline, creative words (read my earlier post Whirl the World), images and colors to attract attention or create an impact on human mind.

Same is true for content writers also, but content of a website is not written for consumers only, it is the food of search engines as well. To bring the webpage at the top of the SERP, the writer must keep all the related keywords in mind. Keywords are the basic element of online marketing. People sometimes manage to optimize their webpage for targeted keyword(s), but when it comes to more than two or three keywords; the situation becomes worst.

I was writing for all the states of America few days back. The targeted keyword was $state name consumer. Hence I put the state name within the content maintaining optimum keyword density. Suddenly I thought, a person from California looking for information, might try a search with key phrase "CA consumer"! Using abbreviations for state names is a regular practice. So I inserted the code for each state within the content and I think it made the page more user friendly and search engine friendly as well.

But if I was writing it for a newspaper or magazine, I would not have reacted this way. And that is why I believe writing for web is different from conventional writing and experience teaches a lot to excel in content writing.

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