Thursday, November 23, 2006

Whirl the World

After reviewing several blogs, my understanding says most people do not blog for money. And now Pew, a research organization in America has showed it. According to a study conducted by Pew, 7% of bloggers blog for money. The main objective behind blogging is still story telling.

However, another blogging trend is emerging during the recent times. Magazines and Journals are being published in blog-formats nowadays. If we consider them as blogs, then obviously this is going to be a new phase of blogging where money matters. Corporate houses are maintaining such blogs to promote their products and services as well.

Blogs are going to be more popular in the coming days. So if you want a blog and wish to make it popular, I can give a non-tech tip. Try to think of new words that somehow explain your product or service.

Let’s compare two different approaches:
Both of the above are self-explanatory phrases – but the first one looks better due to a thoughtful usage of words. And that is what I am trying to say. While giving a title to your article, product, service or concept – think of something new that magnets human mind and move the world ;)

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