Monday, November 13, 2006

Man proposes Boss disposes

Certainly I am not going to discuss about getting my leave application denied. I am going to talk something more serious and it disturbs your mental state highly.

You have planned a project, prepared the guidelines and made all documentations. Now you are energized to start working on it. Then comes your boss, she checks all that you have done, gave her own suggestions and ideas and as a result the project gets a completely different look than what you wanted.

This is more likely to happen when you plan something new or innovative. However, you get disappointed and start following what she said. Then all on a sudden you see someone else has started using your idea that your boss rejected and the project is a big hit! How would you feel then? I feel happy and sorry simultaneously.

Happy: I am able to innovate a million-dollar idea.
Sorry: No; I am not sorry for not being recognized; I am sorry because I could not implement it.

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