Wednesday, November 29, 2006

A bad experience in Orkut

I came across a very bad incident in Orkut just few days back. I joined a community “What should Google do” months ago and used to visit the community frequently. I participated in various discussions and got quite a few “thank you” response from other members.

Suddenly I noticed that I cannot post comment there anymore because I have been banned from that community. I thought it might be some mistake on their part because I cannot remember doing anything bad there. So I contacted the owner of the community and asked the reason. And see how he responded.

I always try to keep people informed about my findings, especially when those are great. And the community has interpreted such activity as inappropriate ad posting. I really felt down and low. I left a message for him in his scrapbook and closed the chapter. It hurts you know...however, now I am feeling much better after telling you the entire whole story.

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