Sunday, August 02, 2009

Kolkata Bloggers’ Meet – What’s Next!

Boss, a lot of things can be done; mentioning few here, will keep you posted.

Green Blogging:

Let’s do something for this planet. Let’s start writing about the environment, climate changes, how to stop pollution, what measures should be taken to save this planet, how to protect animals and insects from extinction, importance of rain water harvesting in India, importance of alternative energy etc.

Once bloggers start doing this, let’s have another meet and decide how to implement the ideas. I am sure we will get a lot of people, activists and groups with us.

Banglar Mukh (The Face of Bengal):

We are going to celebrate Kolkata Bloggers’ Meet 2009, and there is not a single Bangla Blog! Are Kolkatans not blogging in Bengali?

Let’s popularize blogging in all regional languages – let’s convince writers and celebrities to have their blogs written in vernacular languages. There must be 100 Bengali Blogs in the Kolkata Bloggers’ Meet 2010 along with blogs written in other tongues.

Kids – Should they start blogging?

Organise a parent-teacher-educationalist meet and let’s have a debate.

More ideas will come in to my mind and I am sure about that. Keep watching.


moon said...

All 3 ideas are gr8. But ... kids r still kids..they can wait 4 another year.. :P. I think it's time to start GREEN BLOGGING...r8 here.. r8 now.

Saikat Sengupta said...

thanks for your support. green blogging is essential and anybody can start it any time. even you can start it...

RoseKeys said...
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